Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven, 1.2 cu. ft., Stainless Steel

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Brand SHARP Product Dimensions 26.19″D x 23.88″W x 15.88″H Color Stainless Steel Capacity 1.2 Cubic Feet Special Feature Defrost Recommended Uses For Product Residential Installation Type drawer Wattage 950 watts Material Stainless Steel Included Components KB-6524PS ROOM TO SPARE: 1.2 cubic feet interior offers plenty of cooking space, with room enough for a 4-quart casserole…


Innovative thinking led to the world’s first Microwave Drawer™ Oven, an appliance that has helped revolutionize kitchen design and microwave oven placement. Now Sharp introduces the next generation of this successful appliance – larger, sleeker and more accessible than ever. The KB6524PS microwave drawer fits in the same space as other Sharp 24-inch models, yet it’s larger 1.2 cubic feet interior is tall enough to hold a 20 oz. cup from your favorite take-out coffee store. Plus, there are two convenient ways to open or close the drawer – either pull or push the Easy Open handle or simply touch the Auto-Touch™ control panel.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Product Dimensions

26.19 x 23.88 x 15.88 inches


24 inch, 30-Inch


Black, Stainless Steel, White


Cooking Appliances



Item model number


Date First Available

February 5, 2009


‎1.2 Cubic Feet

Item Weight

0.01 ounces


120 Volts


‎950 watts



5 reviews for Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven, 1.2 cu. ft., Stainless Steel

  1. Avid Reader

    We bought the KB-6524 about 2 years ago as part of a kitchen remodel. Recently, we we began to experience the same problems reported by Trina above. Shortly after starting the microwave, we would hear a loud buzzing sound, crackling, arcing and occasionally a flash of light. It would not always happen – very unpredictable. I called Sharp, they said I would have to take it to a Sharp authorized repair shop and would have to pay all labor and any parts that were still not under warranty. Fortunately, I had done a search online for similar types of problems with this model, and I found Trina’s post here in Amazon. I printed it out, and took it with the microwave to the Sharp repair shop (65 miles away) and asked them to diagnose the problem. They called a few days later and told me that the printout of Trina’s complaint on Amazon helped them diagnose the problem. They said it would have to have 4 new parts installed, including the stirrer, and new antenna. None of these parts are under warranty and Sharp will not pay a dime toward the repair. It’s pretty clear by now that this is a manufacturing defect in the KB-6524 and Sharp should not only pay for repair but should recall all the units that are out there. This is a potential fire hazard. I will probably report this to the Consumer Safety Bureau. But for all people looking for a microwave drawer, I strongly recommend you go with Bosch or Dacor or one of the other top-line models. They cost more, but not if you include the repair bill you’re going to have to pay for your Sharp KB-6524 if you go that route. Avoid Sharp objects..UPDATE: When we went to pick up the microwave from the authorized repair shop, I asked to the electronics technician to explain to me what had gone wrong. He said the stirrer motor, antenna assembly (including clip and cover) all needed replacement, as mentioned in Trina’s comments. HOWEVER, he also told me that Sharp had put a bulletin out about this problem to its authorized repair shops. So not only does Sharp know about this problem and is not covering it under warranty, but it is leaving a known safety problem out in the marketplace. I will be filing a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Bureau.UPDATE 2: 3 months and a few days after the repair mention above, which cost $200, the same problem started all over again. This time with smoke coming out of the top and back of the microwave. The authorized repairer said we would have to pay again to have it diagnosed and fixed since it was out of the 90 day warranty period. We had a choice – spend another $200 or more on this piece of junk, or take it to the dump and get a new microwave. We chose the second option – who knows how many times this would have to be fixed. And frankly it is just dangerous for us and our pets. We chose a countertop microwave from a different vendor which does not have any of the questionable “stirrer” technology that is in the Sharp model. It fits nicely into the area where the Sharp was. We are very happy with it so far. . As for the Sharp – a 3 year old expensive Sharp microwave drawer will be taken to the county dump with a prominent sign taped to it: “DO NOT USE – FIRE HAZARD”.

  2. AmazonMan

    Good product, works perfectly. Wish it came with more how to use instructions but it’s been fairly easy to figure out. I installed myself. Plug was already in place for a warming drawer which I replaced with the microwave. I read bad reviews & saw a few good ones before purchase. My purchase shipped quickly with no damage, I installed the next day and it’s been working great since. A little pricey but great product.11/2/2019 UPDATEI thought it would be helpful to others who, like me who felt a little, “on the fence” about purchasing this microwave. It is now just over one year later and the microwave is still purring along, just fine. We’ve kept it clean, so it still looks new and works perfectly. The 3rd photo is what it looks like after a year of use, and like I said, it’s like new!5/8/2020 UPDATEI’m back to let everyone know this little jewel is still purring along perfectly. Like I said in previous reviews, we have kept it clean and it still looks like new. This microwave is true quality. and still works just like new.

  3. Nature Photographer

    I replaced the 13 year old one I had with this same model. I love that the drawer slides out at the touch of a button. My last one was in heavy daily use for 13 years, so when it was time for a replacement, I was happy that it was still available. It is reliable, fast, attractive, and easy to operate. Love it.

  4. JetteSet

    And what’s more, the microwave functions properly and quietly. The various cooking options are easy to follow and match up perfectly with the results we have experienced. No more stretching upward and dragging out hot dishes from a microwave over a stovetop. Simply push Open, hum a few bars and then lift the bakeware up and onto a counter. See what you’re doing without danger of being burned. Also no danger of dropping and breaking hot dishes or the glass top on a stove. (I’ve seen that happen before.) No spills because of tipped hot dishes. What can I say? We love it.Incidentally, we had ordered the same exact Sharp drawer microwave originally from our local big box store. Every day we received an email that delivery was delayed by a day … for a whole month, and then they just canceled the order on us.When we ordered from Amazon, we were given a four-day delivery date. The microwave arrived at our door on time and was operating in our kitchen that afternoon.Love, love, love.

  5. Denise G.

    I use this product to reheat everything from my morning coffee to all leftovers. I especially like using it to cook my fresh vegetables al dente. It’s a real time saver and spares me the hassle of having to scrub out pots used to cook food on the stovetop. Because this microwave is an under-counter installation, it saves valuable work space on the top of my counter. It is sleek and modern appearing.Having had a wonderful experience with other Sharp products, I’ve just purchased a second one of these for another property. As seen in the pictures, it not only looks good, but it also offers a myriad of controls for all sorts of heating. I highly recommend this microwave. D G

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