Panasonic NN-SV79MS 1.4 cu.ft Smart Inverter Works with Alexa Countertop Microwave Oven 1200Watt Power with Genius Sensor

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Brand Panasonic Product Dimensions 17.4″D x 20.43″W x 12.95″H Color Stainless Steel Capacity 1.4 Cubic Feet Special Feature Works with Alexa, Inverter Technology, Genius Sensor Cooking Recommended Uses For Product Residential Installation Type Countertop Wattage 1200 watts Material Stainless Steel Included Components Roller Ring, Glass Turntable Works with Alexa: 100+ voice commands plus Genius Sensor…


Defrost, reheat, and prep while barely lifting a finger! The NN-SV79MS works with Alexa uses smart technology to help you multitask your creations virtually hands-free. Choose from more than 100 voice commands to make prepping, reheating, and cooking easier than ever. Built-in Genius Sensor automatically adjusts power and cooking times by sensing heat and steam, ensuring even your cup of coffee is heated just right. Enjoy features such as Turbo Defrost, preset auto cook menu items, delay start and timer, quick 30-Sec, and popcorn button with 3 cooking levels, powered by 1200 watts for precise cooking, heating, and warming. With a super-quick setup, this unit goes from out-of-the-box to prepping large holiday meals in no time at all. With a premium stainless-steel face and dial control, NN-SV79MS is ready for center stage in your kitchen; and with a large 1.4 cu ft interior capacity and small footprint, it can handle family meals while taking up minimal countertop space.

From the manufacturer

NN-SV79MS Alexa Countertop Microwave
NN-SV79MS Smart Inverter Microwave

Defrost, Reheat, & Cook, Hands Free

Focus on your life, not on pushing buttons! From warming up coffee to prepping for taco night, this smart, voice activated microwave pairs with your Amazon Alexa to help you multitask hands-free in the kitchen. More than 100 simple commands help get foods to the perfect temperature, inside and out.

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NN-SV79MS callout

Made for Multitaskers

Made for Multitaskers

More than 100 easy voice commands let you live your life, not fuss with buttons. Left your coffee in the microwave during a Zoom call? Simply call out “Alexa, reheat 1 cup of coffee.” and it’ll be piping hot again.

Messy Hands? We Got You.

Messy Hands? We Got You.

NN-SV79MS makes food prep not only faster, but neater! Need to melt chocolate when your hands are covered in flour? Simply ask, “Alexa, melt 4oz of chocolate.” and you’re good to go.

Complete, Even Cooking, Edges to Center

Complete, Even Cooking, Edges to Center

Panasonic Inverter Technology generates a steady stream of power at all temperature settings for consistent, evenly prepared food, edges to center, and helps you avoid unevenly-cooked food at all power settings.

Meal Prep in a Snap

Super-Easy 3-Step Setup

Get all set up and ready to use in just 3 easy steps: Plug in your Smart Inverter Microwave and enter setup mode, connect to the Alexa app on your smart device, scan the 2D barcode and ask Alexa to start microwaving!

100+ Voice Commands

100+ Voice Commands

More than 100 voice commands let you not just start, stop, and pause the microwave, but thoroughly customize your cooking. Smart technology with Genius Sensor tailors settings to the type of food (lasagna, potatoes, vegetables) and ensures it’s heated thoroughly before calling it “done.”

Do I need an Alexa device in order to use the microwave?

Nope! You can control the microwave manually, or use the Alexa app on your phone to give voice commands.

What is the setup process for this smart microwave?

The NN-SV79MS has the option of a quick, zero-touch setup or a 2D barcode setup, both of which are explained in the user manual (downloadable from this page).

Where can I see the full list of voice commands available?

The full list is available in the user manual; you can download it from this page.

How does the Genius Sensor work?

Panasonic’s Genius Sensor detects the steam that emanates from your food as it cooks, and adjusts power and time settings accordingly to ensure that food is heated thoroughly.

How much counter space will I need to keep clear around my microwave?

You will need to keep a minimum 3 inches (7.5cm) of clearance between the oven and any adjacent walls and cabinets; the right side must be completely open. A minimum clearance of 12 inches (30cm) is needed above the oven.

Additional information

Brand Name



1.4 cu.ft – Works with Alexa, 1.4 cu.ft – Works with Alexa + Micro-Cover, 1.4 cu.ft + Thermostat Premium

Model Info


Product Dimensions

‎17.4 x 20.43 x 12.95 inches

Item model number


Energy Use

‎1200 Watts


‎1.4 Cubic Feet

Installation Type


Part Number


Special Features

‎Works with Alexa, Inverter Technology, Genius Sensor Cooking


Stainless Steel


‎1200 watts



Material Type

‎Stainless Steel

Included Components

‎Roller Ring, Glass Turntable

Batteries Required?


Item Weight

27.3 Pounds



Date First Available

October 14, 2021



8 reviews for Panasonic NN-SV79MS 1.4 cu.ft Smart Inverter Works with Alexa Countertop Microwave Oven 1200Watt Power with Genius Sensor

  1. ManuelM

    Funciona pero con un truco y es de acero oxidablePara que Alexa lo encuentre debes poner una dirección de estados unidos , no es tan inteligente para recalentar la comida de forma automáticamente y la mayor parte del tiempo debo girar para reducir la potencia de lo contrario se me ha quemado un par de cosas, sufre de su efectividad 30 segundos bastan para recalentar una rebanada de pizza , con un micro común eso nunca lo hubiera creído, era más grande de lo que imaginamos así que hubo que ajustar como acomodamos en la cocina, a menos que enlaces con Alexa te atoras con incrementos de 30 segundos y a veces lo que necesitas son 40 segundos. Pd en menos de un año se llenó de óxido ,constantemente se le tiene que quitar con limón.

  2. Gail Leavitt

    This microwave is quite complicated for us seniors, we have only figured out a few of its features.We still haven’t figured out the Alexa feature. Mostly because we can’t see the knob descriptions.If the buttons and displays were lit up it would be so much easier to see what we’re doing

  3. Affordable Tool Repairs

    I don’t want Alexa in any device in my home and I certainly don’t want to have to ask her for the time. Unfortunately, my wife bought this and did not understand that there would be no normal clock display and that Alexa is integral to this oven. The oven does work very well but the turntable groans and chatters as the oven is working. This is not what I expect for Panasonic and I will probably never buy another Panasonic product.

  4. Brianna

    We purchased this microwave to replace another smaller model, of a different brand. It was on the fritz and I was excited to exchange it for something bigger and better. Having always been limited with what we could fit in our microwave, I was pleasantly surprised by the generous capacity of this unit; to say this was an upgrade would be an understatement. We love the sleek look of the stainless steel and appreciate the ease of cleaning. I read other reviews that complained that the interior light isn’t bright enough but I found it to be very sufficient–perfect lighting for day or night. Upon plugging the unit in, it immediately displayed the current time, which was impressive (we had to reset our other one every time the power went out!). Linking it to our Amazon Echo was the icing on the cake. I know this will be a fantastic option for when I’m cooking/bakiny and my hands are tied up. The technology is a fun touch! We also find that the heat times are much more accurate than our old microwave, which sometimes required us to play around to get the desired outcome. We have yet to find anything we are not pleased with! Needless to say, we are really impressed with this new microwave and haply with our decision to purchase this model.

  5. Diceman

    First off, trying to heat things by just pressing the Sensor button is a joke. Whatever you put in there will likely catch fire if you aren’t watching closely. I’m not sure this senses anything, to be honest. I am marginally happy with Alexa taking commands but you have to be very specific and basically memorize the few things Alexa can control. If you take the time to learn how the buttons work (and it’s a lot different than your typical microwave) only then is this a 4 star product. Overall, I’m happy with it although it’s hard to tell from this review. 😉

  6. flinstonpf

    This medium size stainless steel microwave looks and works great. It is a little heavy and I have hard time to take it out of the box. Once installed and ready to use I love it. Quick 30 button I found very handy and useful. This microwave is large inside and the glass turn table can fit a large food container and it can fit 12-inch pizza. The popcorn preset button is perfect to make the perfect popcorn. It can save space in your kitchen by having one appliance instead of several. The instructions were easy to follow. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I think we got down most of what we need after a few days. MWO is easy to manage and care for. It looks stylish in my kitchen and it is quiet to operate. We love the stainless-steel silver design, pull handle design, and easy single push-button start feature. You need to make sure you have adequate space in the back and ventilation surrounding it. Overall solid and gets the job done. I recommend it.

  7. Sandy

    It’s a premium looking microwave. Design looks modern, slick and high-tech. Setup was very simple and intuitive through the Alexa app. Once set up, it was very easy to use with Alexa. I like how the clock is automatically set to the current time.The smart inverter tech is very impressive. My food heats up very quickly and evenly throughout for both solids and liquids. The sensor reheating is very good at heating up the food on its own. Voice commands to Alexa to control the microwave was very intuitive and easy to use. I never had a problem with the microwave doing something I didn’t intend. Its a pretty cool feeling to be able to voice control a microwave with out pressing any physical buttons. I also liked how the microwave is able to know between solids and liquids, as the the display on the microwave would indicate I should stir or turn over.I really like the convenience and accuracy of this microwave. It probably one of the most high-tech microwave I’ve owned.

  8. PeteC

    We got this for my sister-in-law who is totally blind. Microwave ovens have long been her go-to appliance to prepare meals. She already has an Alexa compatible microwave, but it is small/underpowered as a primary cooking unit. The Panasonic NN-SV79MS is a full-sized/full-power unit that better meets her needs. As her “IT Guy” I set this up and connected with her Alexa. The process was very easy, took no more than a couple of minutes. This is an attractive, nicely designed and built microwave. We haven’t used the physical controls much as the whole purpose was to use through Alexa. The Panasonic NN-SV79MS heats meals/food very evenly and is one of the quietest running microwaves we’ve ever used. The inverter/sensor cooking seems to be very accurate and my SIL usually can use simple commands such as “Alexa, reheat one meal” rather than have to worry about how long to cook something. She has only had this for a bit over a month, so can’t comment on longevity, but this appears to be a very good microwave and especially for those who may be low vision/legally blind (or totally blind).

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