Emerson 1.2 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven with Griller, Timer & LED Display 11 Power Levels, 9 Pre-Programmed Settings, Removable Glass

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Brand Emerson Product Dimensions 17.3″D x 20.6″W x 12.8″H Color Stainless Steel Capacity 1.2 Cubic Feet Special Feature Shortcut Keys, Timer, Child Safety Lock, Defrost, Turntable Recommended Uses For Product Residential Installation Type Countertop Wattage 1050 watts Material Metal,Stainless Steel Included Components Removable Glass Turntable, Microwave with grill features 11 microwave power levels and 1…



Cook and reheat your favorite meals with this Emerson 1100W Microwave. Featuring a convenient grill function it prepares your food in more ways than one. Nine pre-programmed recipe settings and a removable glass turntable allow you to achieve complete, even cooking. This Emerson black microwave features 11 power levels, two combo power levels and a time and weight defrost option for culinary convenience. An easy-to-read LED display with digital clock and a 99-minute, 99-second digital timer allow you to easily keep track of cook times, and an end-of-cooking signal lets you know when your food is done. Designed with safety in mind, the Emerson microwave with grill comes equipped with a child-safe lock to keep little hands out of harm’s way. Sturdy and subtly-designed, this unit’s brushed metal front and black cabinet are designed to add function and style to any kitchen decor.Make all of your favorites, from frozen pizza and popcorn to chicken, beef and veggies, in this versatile appliance. The Emerson 1100W Microwave allows you to cook the way you want when you want.

From the manufacturer

Emerson 1.2 CU. Ft. 1100W Microwave Oven with 1100W Grill


Tired of waiting for your microwave to heat up meals? Say goodbye to dinner delays with the lightning-fast Emerson 1.2 CU.FT., 1100W Touch Control Microwave with Grill Function! This powerful machine delivers 1100 watts of microwave cooking power for rapid reheating and cooking.

  • 1100 watts provides ultra-fast cooking and reheating
  • 1100 watts of grilling power for delicious browning and crisping
  • Spacious 1.2 cu. ft. interior fits dinner plates or casserole dishes
  • 11 microwave power levels let you customize cooking times
  • Digital timer goes up to 99 minutes for perfect results
  • 9 auto-cook menus for one-touch cooking of favorites

Whip up a hot meal in minutes with this time-saving Emerson microwave. Its family-sized interior and powerful performance get dinner on the table in no time. The easy-to-use touch controls make operation a breeze. Bring speed and convenience to your kitchen with the Emerson 1.2 cu. ft. microwave today!

Microwave Grill Function

grill function

Prepare Healthier, Tastier Foods in Less Time!

How it works– Heat is generated from the heating tube at the top of the cavity which creates the ability to sear, brown and grill different foods giving you more versatility than a regular microwave oven

grill technology, wire rack included

Open up a world of possibilities with our 1.2 Cu. Ft 1100W Microwave with 1100W Grill function!

  • Special wire rack is included for even

auto cook menu

Auto Cook Menus

8 Pre-Programmed Settings:

  • Dinner Plate
  • Grill/Combo
  • Popcorn
  • Potato
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Frozen Vegetable
  • Beverage
  • Meat

MWG9115SB dimensions

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions are WxDxH: 20.6”x17.3”x12.8” making this a great microwave for your family!

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Product Dimensions

20.6 x 17.3 x 12.8 inches



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

December 8, 2012


‎1.2 Cubic Feet

Item Weight

36 pounds


110 Volts


‎1050 watts


Emerson Radio

8 reviews for Emerson 1.2 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven with Griller, Timer & LED Display 11 Power Levels, 9 Pre-Programmed Settings, Removable Glass

  1. Catherine W.

    No power noThe microwave didn’t even power on .

  2. Stephen Peters

    ExcellantLove this microwave. do not use the top burner very often though. Nice feature though.

  3. Teach35

    Works well and easy to use. Ability to brown food.

  4. ~anonymous~

    I’ve had and have been using this microwave for about 1.5 months now, and so far it hasn’t disappointed. I have not used the added features but my food heats evenly, it’s not too small or too big, and its esthetic compliments my kitchen perfectly. I’m very pleased and would recommend or gift this to someone else with confidence.Only downside is that the buttons don’t light up, but I can live with that. I shouldn’t been eating midnight snacks anyway. Lol

  5. Straight Truth Only

    Who comes up with the star rating markers like sheerness and thickness and those parameters lol… what is that nonsense? Anyhow, the microwave works great. Only problem is you guys at Emerson need to change the feet from a hard plastic or stiff rubber, to a stickier silicone or grippier rubber feet.I had to add my own sticky silicone anti-sliding feet so this thing doesn’t slide all over the counter when you go to open the door and push buttons.It doesn’t weigh anything which is fine – so just add stickier feet at the factory guys. Whoever thinks those were ok didn’t care enoughOther than that, works great for the $$$Big frozen Costco microwave lasagna was delicious with the microwave then grill function because I like my top crispyPizza is ok if you like soft bottoms and a crispy topThis thing would be perfect with a bottom grill too but I understand why it doesn’t have dual stuff and the top grill works great for foods that you need only the top crisped onI’d rate it an A- all because of the feetWhoever designed and used those, you suck. You are the feet guy. Get the feet right – we all like grippy non scratching feet. These don’t scratch but have no grip. You failed your grippy feet job. The guys in charge of the rest did good. Be ashamed of yourself microwave feet designer guy.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Purchase the end of 2020. Stop working today mid 2023. Never heard of a microwave last less than 3 yrs. So disappointed that the warranty ended August 28 2022. So I’m out of a microwave. Never again use Emerson. Very loud and cuts off at times. Now it’s done.

  7. boisbrule

    I’m used to using a REALLY cheap, small microwave, so when it finally bit the big one, I did a lot of research on Amazon. I was actually looking for a combo micro/convection oven, but talked myself into the fact that I really don’t need a convection oven. So when I found this one for under $80, and saw that it included a broiler (really??), I jumped on it. Actually, I read LOTS of reviews on it first, and although there are several negative ones, I decided to give it a try. SO glad I did! I’m still getting used to the amount of power this thing has, but I love it! I haven’t had any problems getting to know the settings, and I’m kinda old ; ) The controls are a little hard to read if your kitchen isn’t brightly lit … but not so bad that I can’t figure it out. I have only used the broiler once, and that was to cook some frozen mini eggrolls. It was pretty cool … I used the broiler/microwave combo option so they cooked inside and got some color on the outside. Not quite as good as deep frying, but an OK option. I probably won’t use the broiler for burgers, steaks, chicken, or anything else that will splatter, as I don’t want the cleanup. Still don’t understand how the metal rack can be used with the broiler/microwave combo setting without blowing the thing up, but it works! I wish the instruction book had more info and ideas on the broiler, but I do love to experiment. This came really well packed, but still came with a small dent in the upper right side. Just cosmetic, not too noticable, and does not affect the operation. I know I could have returned it to Amazon, but it’s not worth my time.

  8. Angie

    I was so very excited to see this microwave on Amazon again and I didn’t hesitate for a second to hit buy now lol. I have been truly wanting this exact model for a few years now. I bought my first emerson grill microwave in 2017 and fell in love. I actually stopped using my stove for a long while. I had no need to lol. This microwave will cook your meats just as the oven would but in less time and will crisp and brown as you desire. I was shocked the first time I used the frill feature how well the meat cooked! I had taken a chance and put a steak in this microwave lol yeah i was sweating it 😅 but I followed the directions in the pamphlet and when done the steak was perfectly cooked!! The meat was tender juicy and a perfect medium rare! Cooked pizza using the rack which comes with the microwave and that was just as if from the oven. Nice crisp crust and heated evenly throughout the pizza. Again amazed lol. Baked cakes pies cookies all cooking like the oven. In some cases better. This unit became my main cooking tool. I even created an entire Easter dinner with it😅 everything turned out great lol! But as my luck goes we had a power surge and my precious microwave my favorite item in the kitchen was itself baked lol. 😪 well my wonderful son went and bought me another for my birthday. Needless to say he was my favorite son for that day lol. Fast-forward a couple months and we were moving house. Again my bad luck strikes. My father was carrying my wonderful microwave into the new home and he tripped. There went my second unit 😪 another microwave was given to me but darn did I miss this one lol. Couldn’t wait for that one to die and with my luck I figured wouldn’t be to long. Yeah right, 4 years later lol that beast finally died and I’m excited to search for this one. My bad luck strikes yet again. No stores or sites had one. Very sad and defeated having no microwave for 4 months i gave in and scrolled for a normal one. Then shock! There it was 😅😅😅 so I have my microwave again and extremely happy. It’s working perfectly. Let’s hope 3rd time is a charm lol. I will carry it myself if needed lol.

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