Bad Boy Microwave Bacon Cooker – Crispy Bacon Cooker For Microwave Oven – Microwave Cookware for Crispy, Healthy, and Low Bacon

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Brand Bad Boy Bacon Color Orange Special Feature Dishwasher Safe Material Silicone Controller Type Jog Dial Frequency 5 GHz In the Box: Includes 2 Microwave Bacon Cooker that cooks healthy and crispy cooked bacon within minutes. Cooks Up To 6 Slices: Add up to 6 slices per silicone bacon maker, snap the strap, and microwave…


Product Description

Bad Boy Bacon Maker with Tray

Bad Boy Bacon Maker with Tray

Bad Boy Bacon Maker with Tray

Bad Boy Bacon Maker with Tray

Bad Boy Bacon Maker with Tray

Additional information

Weight 1.39 kg
Package Dimensions

12.24 x 6.14 x 2.44 inches


Bacon Maker – 1 Pack, Bacon Maker – 2 Pack, Bacon Maker with Tray – 1 Pack, Bacon Maker with Tray – 2 Pack

Item Weight

1.39 pounds



Date First Available

June 25, 2021


Bad Boy Bacon

7 reviews for Bad Boy Microwave Bacon Cooker – Crispy Bacon Cooker For Microwave Oven – Microwave Cookware for Crispy, Healthy, and Low Bacon

  1. Deliza Baumbach

    It was hard to find a happy medium. The product was hand washed prior to use. 1st picture was 5 minutes and it was still raw so I added it back in for 2 minutes. It was okay, still chewy with some crispy pieces. 2nd picture was 5 minutes in with an additional 5 minutes and it was overcooked and burnt in the middle (not my preference). 3rd picture was 7 minutes and the middle of the bacon completely disintegrated and it burnt the middle of the silicone (4th picture).The flavor on all pieces were pretty bland since it’s not cooking itself in grease, but I’d take that result for a healthierish piece of bacon. However, since it burnt the actual silicone, I question if it truly is healthier for you.

  2. Elizabeth A. Hall

    I have purchased several different gimmicks to microwave bacon and they all turned out a waste of time and money. Then Long comes this “Bad Boy Bacon Maker”. It took me awhile to determine if I should but one or hang on to my money. Well I have alot of medical problems and I’m always searching for things that will mske my life easier. I finally decided to give it a try and you can’t imagine how glad I was. I read all the reviews that were posted and some of them the complaint seemed to be it was hard to clean. Others didn’t like how the bacon turned out and one didn’t think it was worth the money. Well….I think it was definately worth every penny. I followed the directions for loading the bacon, and timing the cooking and best of all eating it. It worked exactly as described and was super easy to wash. But, best of all, NO MESSY STOVE. I am 100% satisfied with this purchase and will be buying one for each of my son’s. I definately recommend this product.

  3. Brit

    In theory, this was a super cool product!I like my bacon super crispy! Like, crumble or just smack it on the plate and it shatters… you know what I mean. Well, I gave this seemingly simple to use item to my mother-in-law to help make a meal the other day. She is NOT cooking savvy in ANY WAY, and struggled to put the bacon in correctly.And despite her best efforts, this contraption isn’t wide enough for any bacon that’s not cut in half.Essentially, the bacon had to be cooked like 8 mins (wanted it crispy, as you read) but because the bacon ends had to be folded back into itself on each end… it got all gummed up together and didn’t cook well.When we took the bacon pieces out, they were nearly inedible, rock hard chunks!I tried loading the bacon myself, seeing as how mom does seem to struggle with anything cooking wise—and results were pretty much the same.This isn’t worth the hassle, or ridiculous grease mess flung everywhere because it’s a tight accordion design and so dang cumbersome!


    This did cook the bacon but not as crispy as pan fried. It is much less mess as the fat spatter in a frying pan as long as you cover it with a paper towel or wax paper. I have a relatively new microwave over so I know it has the power needed to cook bacon but it took 10 minutes on high to get the bacon to ‘medium’. I would recommend this if you preferred your bacon chewy and not crispy. Clean-up was easy since I can just put it in the dishwasher. All in all, it is a good product but just not a great product.

  5. D Taylor

    This thing worked great. And it’s definitely great for not wanting to sit and cook on the stove. Great for just one sandwich as well.Only downside is I had maple flavored bacon and I cooked mine on 5 mins for crispier bacon and all the flavoring ended up on the plate. The bacon tasted fine and was good, just no pre flavored bacon.

  6. Allison Kellis

    I rarely write reviews, but this one definitely deserves my time! Got this for my husband for his birthday, and he was stoked to use it! The bacon tray actually melted a little bit the first time he used it, so I e-mailed the company about getting a replacement. They responded the very next morning, and said they would absolutely put one in the mail for me that day with all the other shipments! Best customer service, easy to use product, delicious bacon, etc. Great for Christmas gifts, birthdays, college, and everything in between! My next child may be named Bad Boy Bacon. Or maybe it’ll just be a Halloween costume….

  7. Emilie

    First let me say, after a couple months of using, I love this! It does such a great job. I have cooked with both turkey and pork bacon, and both came out well. You’ll have to work with your microwave to figure out the perfect cook times for the thickness of the bacon and to what degree of crisp you want, but once you do, it’s smooth sailing from there! I usually set this on to cook for 5.5 minutes while I scramble up the eggs, so everything is nice, hot, and ready to eat at the same time.There is grease splatter in the microwave, even with the tray, but it is quite minimal and easy enough to clean. I also place a paper towel over the top to minimize the splatter even further.The only drawback I have experienced is the clean up of the item itself. If you have a dishwasher load ready, it is simple enough to soap off the grease and toss in for cleaning that way. However, if not (or if you’re like me and you pretty much clean everything before it goes in the dishwasher anyway), you’ll need to fully scrub by hand and that can be inconvenient. Lots of small crevices to ensure are cleaned properly.That being said, my food prep, cooking, eating, and clean up generally takes, all together, only ~20-30 minutes, so it’s not a huge undertaking to clean. Just a sort of grumbling-in-the-moment kind of thing. :)I fully recommend this product!

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